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Memory Connection is an international, peer-reviewed journal project of The Memory Waka Research Group (Massey University, New Zealand). Memory Connection provides a meeting place for multidisciplinary perspectives, discourses, and expressions of memory. The journal aims to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue that may lead to different ways of seeing and the creation of new knowledge.

Contained Memory Conference 2010 Pupuri Pohewa,
9 December 2010

The Contained Memory Conference 2010 Pupuri Pohewa was a multi-faceted, international event which brought together different cultural and theoretical orientations and multidisciplinary perspectives in a discourse on contained memory. The conference was presented by Massey University, School of Visual and Material Culture, College of Creative Arts, New Zealand in partnership with Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts, New York, United States of America and Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand. The conference was held at Te Papa from 9-11 December 2010 Wellington New Zealand.

Memory Waka…

As a means of conveyance a waka is a Maori canoe. Waka has other meanings such as a receptacle or a chief’s carved treasure box (waka huia) containing valuable possessions including prized feathers. Waka also refers to a body of people such as a kinship group. Metaphorically, the waka is a vessel of humanity, ideas, and culture. It is also (literally) a means of travel for people allied in a common cause (paddling in the same direction!). The Waka initiates and supports projects concerned with memory including the Contained Memory Conference 2010 Pupuri Pohewa and publishing the Memory Connection online journal.

The Memory Waka Board

Chair: Associate Professor Kingsley Baird, Massey University (NZ); Board members: Dr Paul Broks, University of Plymouth (UK); Professor Sir Mason Durie KNZM CNZM, Massey University (NZ); Professor Ross Hemera, Massey University (NZ); Professor Sally J. Morgan, Massey University (NZ); Professor Kendall Phillips, Syracuse University (USA); Associate Professor Tony Whincup, Massey University (NZ).