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Field Notes: Die Ausgrabung

Karl Fritsch and Gavin Hipkins


This artists’ portfolio combines new page works interspersed with documentation
from our collaborative exhibition Die Ausgrabung (Dunedin School of Art (DSA),
Otago Polytechnic, 23–31 October 2014). The exhibition was a result of a joint
artist residency in conjunction with the DSA Artist in Residence programme.
The German phrase Die Ausgrabung translates literally as ‘the excavation’.
The exhibition and portfolio explores a multi-layered approach to the Otago
landscape as contested site for historic and contemporary land use including
mining. Field Notes: Die Ausgrabung presents documentation of exhibition
artefacts alongside the image itself in ruin—journal pages taken from a fictive
archaeology notebook. Our ongoing collaborative projects Der Tiefenglanz
and Die Ausgrabung explore the relationship between memory and materiality
through photography and collage.