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The Infusoria of Ichaboe

In 1842, the tiny, uninhabited southern African island of Ichaboe was the site of acute speculative activity in the form of guano mining. Within just a few years, fierce and often desperate competition left the island essentially stripped of its ecological history. Though guano’s fertilising power was the paramount focus, an unanticipated spin-off enterprise arose […]

The Event Horizon: Returning “After the Fact”

“Trauma is a disorder of memory and time. This is why in his early writings Sigmund Freud used the metaphor of the camera to explain the unconscious as the place where bits of memory are stored until they are developed, like prints from black and white negatives, into consciously accessible recollections.” The relationship between the […]

“To Fill This Void Land”: Acclimatisation as Mnemonic Device in Victorian New Zealand

The New Zealand landscape has been irrevocably changed and shaped through the intervention of British colonisation. The same stubborn refusal of New Zealand’s nineteenth-century British settlers to wear clothes that suited the climate, to have anything other than a northern hemisphere Christmas, or to orient their houses towards the warm north rather than the cold […]