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Marcel Duchamp: “Twisting Memory for the Fun of It” or a Form of Retroactive Interference?— Recalling the Impacts of Leaving Home on the Readymade

In the 1960s, Marcel Duchamp, arguably the most influential artist of the twentieth-century, came into real prominence and unprecedented fame. During this period he gave many interviews in which he often took a capricious stance. One topic was crucial: his comments concerning the origin of readymade works of art—mass-produced everyday objects that he first selected […]

Materialising Memory: The Public Lives of Roadside Crash Shrines

This is a study in two parts. First I explore the containment and effervescence of traumatic memory in roadside crash shrines, vernacular memorial assemblages built by private individuals at sites where family or friends have died in automobile accidents. Secondly I suggest that the ongoing production of spaces of mourning not only materialises memory, but […]