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Ngā Tohu o ngā Kairaranga: The Signs of the Weavers

The whakapapa (genealogy) and histories of iwi Māori (tribe/peoples) are continued within oral histories, and they are represented in our taonga (Māori treasures) such as toi whakairo (carving), tā moko (tattoo), and whatu raranga (weaving). This article explores findings from the feather identification of Māori kākahu (cloaks) in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa […]

Lost and Found Within New Media Design

The new museum is interactive; it entertains and informs the public about the past and thus connects museum visitors with heritage and history. New-media (or digital) interactive installations are not new to the museological environment. Simulated scenarios, aimed at educating children, have long been implemented in museum learning zones. With digital technology now a part […]