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Kapo, Ka Pō Ka Awatea

New Zealand designer Stuart Foster and artist Kura Puke worked with digital technologies to create an animated semblance of a revered Māori taonga (treasure). The collaborative objective was to create portable artworks that contribute to new opportunities for visibility, modes of engagement, and revitalised presence within both the taonga’s community of origin and viewers across […]

Ngā Tohu o ngā Kairaranga: The Signs of the Weavers

The whakapapa (genealogy) and histories of iwi Māori (tribe/peoples) are continued within oral histories, and they are represented in our taonga (Māori treasures) such as toi whakairo (carving), tā moko (tattoo), and whatu raranga (weaving). This article explores findings from the feather identification of Māori kākahu (cloaks) in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa […]

Pupuri Pohewa: Collective Memory 

Pupuri Pohewa was used as the Māori name for the Contained Memory Conference held at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, in December 2010. Because this international conference was hosted in Aotearoa New Zealand, the title would provide a cultural perspective on memory based on the traditions of the indigenous people of […]